Briards du Soleil
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Sendero's Pull the Trigger, HIC, TT
Shotgun came to me as a 12 week old foster in 1999, and never left.  I called him "my special needs child".  Though he was quite a challenge, I could not have loved him more.  Shotgun was the epitome of a momma's boy.  He lived to please me, and made me laugh every day.  I doubt I have ever been more loved,  or adored, by any other dog.  He had a great sense of humor.  He would poke me with that big black nose when he wanted attention, back his butt onto my lap for a bum rub, or onto the couch like a person.  He would take the hat off my head, pluck the flowers off their stem, and cherry tomatoes off my plants, and he was by my side every minute of the day and night.  He would often come from behind and rest his big head against my hip, always receiving a scratch. His big beautiful eyes watched me so intensly and sweetly, and he groaned with pure pleasure when I scratched him behind the ear.
His favorite thing was sitting on his bench seat in the pool, slapping the water with his paw, barking and egging me on to swim with him, then jumping in on top of me when I joined him.  His big goofy body, climbing up on the raft with me.  He was pure joy.  Losing him has left me with a huge hole in my heart. 
8/23/99 - 5/28/10